DC AG closes investigation into Arabella Advisors

D.C. Attorney General Brian Schwalb has cleared Arabella Advisors, the consulting firm that oversees a wide swath of liberal nonprofit groups, of engaging in any inappropriate business conduct, according to an attorney representing several of those nonprofits.


LFM Partner Daren Firestone Explains that the SEC has Issued a Warning on AI Washing

The agency is right to go after fraudsters seeking to take advantage of investor enthusiasm in novel tech like machine learning and crypto, CryptoWhistleBlower founder Daren Firestone writes.


LFM Partner Daren Firestone Explains the Potential Trouble of AI and Crypto

Recently, crypto AI tokens rode the coattails of AI chip maker Nvidia’s blockbuster earnings report. As Nvidia’s stock sailed north, so too did tokens like Worldcoin’s WLD (40% in seven days), SingularityNET’s AGIX (43%), and FetchAI’s FET (18%), according to a February 22 CoinDesk article.


LFM Partner Joshua A. Levy Elected to Tzedek DC’s Board of Directors

Tzedek DC is proud to announce the expansion of our Board of Directors through the addition of three outstanding new members, each with demonstrated commitment to Tzedek DC’s mission: Rebecca Azhdam, Joshua Levy, and Robin Nunn.


LFM Partner Daren Firestone Explains Why DeFi Is the Vanguard of Crypto Fraud & How Whistleblowers Can Stop It

In his recently published article in Bloomberg Law, Levy Firestone Muse Partner Daren Firestone says that with the crypto industry’s likely move to decentralized finance markets in the wake of SEC crackdowns, whistleblowers will be crucial to protect investors and ward off money laundering.


Levy Firestone Muse Announces New Partner


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LFM Partner Joshua A. Levy on reforming police use of deadly force to arrest


LFM partner Joshua A. Levy represents Liz Zentos in Senate Republican probe of Hunter Biden and Ukraine


LFM wins victory for Fusion GPS in dismissal of Devin Nunes suit


LFM Partner Daren Firestone comments on President Trump’s pardons for tax crimes


Levy Firestone Muse Partner Daren Firestone’s Editorial on Julian Assange’s Indictment


Levy Firestone Muse Partner Joshua Levy comments on President Trump’s challenge to a congressional subpoena served on his accountant